If for some reason you did not received your OTP code on WhatsApp, you can click on this link and we will send your OTP code immediately.

You can also check this short video to learn how to:

In order to verify your phone number you must have WhatsApp account connected to registered number in Cv. Irando and we will send you OTP code on your WhatsApp.

Important: Your WhatsApp number does not require (+) or (00) at the beginning, just country code and number(e.g. 628111026606)

If you did not receive verification email or deleted it by mistake you can always request new one in verification page and we will send you new email.

After register in Cv. Irando website (or if account was made for you by authorities. You will receive verification email and by clicking on verify button in that email you can activate your account.

In order to register as member of CV. Irando please visit our register page and fill the inputs. After filling inputs you will receive activation link in your inbox.

Please Note:
CV. Irando has 3 different type of users Customer, Distributor and Dropshipper.

Customer is a person/company that order development/design etc. to CV. Irando.

Distributor is a company that join CV. Irando as supplier who will publish products to our dropshippers.

Dropshipper is a person/company who joins us to promote our suppliers products and earn money.

Who is client?

For CV. Irando client is defined as person/company who orders specific service or products from us.


  • If you order web/application development you are a client
  • If you order design from CV. Irando you are a client
  • If you need SEO help you are defined as client.

Who is not client?

All members of Suppliers and Drop-shippers are not defined as clients but co-partners.

To know more about our clients services please visit our services page.

CV. IRANDO currently accepts following currencies as payment:

  1. IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
  2. USD (United States dollar)
  3. EUR (Euro)
  4. GBP (British pound sterling)
  5. AED (Emirati Dirham)

CV. IRANDO currently accepts following methods to receive payments from its customers:

  1. Bank transfer (BCA and Mandiri)
  2. PayPal
  3. Payoneer