Quick guide to move Laravel from localhost to host

Quick guide to move Laravel from localhost to host


This will be short tutorial of how to move your Laravel application from localhost to your online host.

In this tutorial we will skip unnecessary talking and go straight to the point.

Let's begin:

  1. Zip your files in local.
  2. Move all the files and folders to your host root folder (zip file, and extract it there).
  3. Set your website url to APP_URL in .env file.
  4. Move files from public folder to your public_html folder in your server.
  5. Edit .env file in root folder and change APP_ENV=local from local to production
  6. Create database in your host.
  7. Set your database info in .env file.
  8. Set your Mail info in .env file.
  9. Zip (Extract) your local database.

  10. Upload Your zipped database in your host database (Import).

That's all.

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