Duplicate record in laravel 5.5

Duplicate record in laravel 5.5



Today I'm going to teach you how to duplicate(clone) your posts/products/users (whatever you wish) in short tutorial.

Make method in any controller you like (controller naming is optional)

public function clonemaker($id)
      $product = Product::findOrFail($id);
      $newProduct = $product->replicate();

      return redirect()->route('products.index')
           'Product Cloned');

2- Make Route for your method:

Route::get('productsclone/{id}', 'ProductController@clonemaker')->name('productsclone');

As you see I passed {id} after my URL because I try to get my product base on id if you want to get it by slug or anything else you have to edit your controller method first.

3- Make button in blade

4- Test it, it's done


Sometimes you might have unique columns in your posts/products database and with this method you will duplicated error.

public function clonemaker($id) { $product = Product::findOrFail($id); $title = $product->title; $newProduct = $product->replicate(); $newProduct->title = str_before('cloned' .'_'. $title, 'dijd'); $newProduct->save(); return redirect()->route('products.index') ->with('info', 'Product Cloned'); }

As you see I assumed that your title is unique column if it isn't change it to whatever column it is for you.

With this method your cloned product title will become something like: cloned_productxxxxx if you want to add after your title etc. read laravel helper documents.

PS: you can add more into this method if you have more than one unique column.

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